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Mildred Education Foundation is super excited about our upcoming Denim and Diamonds {VIRTUAL} fundraising event. Did you know that over the last three years Mildred Education Foundation has given over $40K {FORTY-THOUSAND DOLLARS} to the students and district of MISD? MEF funded over {$17K PLUS} in Senior Scholarships, Teacher & Faculty {Grants & Wish Lists} all DURING 2020. This was a beautiful feeling for us to achieve even though our own D&D Annual Gala fell victim to 2020.

Senior Scholarships, Teacher/Faculty Grants & Wish Lists, these are our primary focus—but the list does not end here. We love giving back and helping where we can. All the things we give back are only possible from the tremendous support of this community and major fundraising efforts through {Denim & Diamonds}. D&D is our largest fundraiser each year. The last time we were able to hold the traditional event was in 2019. In April of 2020 we had to cancel our May D&D Gala. We carefully weighed options for alternative fundraising. Due to the hardships many endured during the shutdowns, the decision was made that 2020 was not a suitable time to solicit financial participation from the community and surrounding businesses. Thus, causing us to skip major fundraising in 2020. In the beginning of this year (2021) we had to begin making decisions on how we would hold {Denim and Diamonds 2021}.

MEF unanimously agreed to move forward as best we could, knowing there were still obstacles surrounding the circumstances caused by the pandemic. A few months ago, we as a board had to make the final decision on how to proceed with hosting our Annual Denim and Diamonds Fundraiser. Optimistically, yet realistically, we moved forward with the necessary tasks for D&D in hope that we would be able to host the event. However, capacity restrictions and mask mandates remained in place, and deadlines quickly approached. With continued capacity restrictions and other limiting mandates, we did not have sufficient venue options. It was clear we had to pivot. Much time, thought, and emotion has been involved with how we would proceed. Ultimately, we unanimously agreed to move our fundraising efforts to an online platform. Immediately we began working to create a smooth experience for each of you as well as a prosperous fundraiser for our cause. Weekly meetings are currently underway to keep us on task. The behind the scenes work that goes into an event like this is large when it is held traditionally, virtually is even more challenging. I am proud of my fellow MEF Board Members. They give selflessly. Even though the MEF Board is putting in the hours and work, our success as a foundation hinges heavily on the generosity from YOU. The support we have received in the past is still overwhelming to each of us. It is overwhelming to the teachers and faculty your contributions benefit. It is overwhelming to the chosen graduates who put in the effort to apply for our Senior Scholarship, complete an interview with us, and receive confirmation that they are one of the recipients.

We hope to be overwhelmed by your generosity and love of MISD this year, too. We have complete faith that our supporters, our neighbors, our community, our people– will come forward and pour some love into the cause, once again. It is who we are as {Eagles} and it is who we are as a community. Our neighbors. Our business leaders. Our community members. Our people. Our home. One outstanding district. Mildred Strong!!*Please watch for updates daily on how to register for bidding, when the fundraiser will be live, and items that will be up for auction–and PLEASE SHARE. If you have an item or service that you would like to donate for our silent auction, PLEASE DO. We need all things small and large. If you have a donation for the auction and need us to come to you, please contact us and we will take care of it. *If you would like to make a monetary donation without participating in the online fundraiser, PLEASE DO. Contact any MEF Board Member or Shannon Baker for more information.

THANK YOU, Mildred Education Foundation Board | Robin Pritchett | Leslie Hayes | Mike Robinson | Ellen Lewis | Beth Horner | Wrenda Freeman | Denise Page | Carie Judson | Ashley Grigar | Paula McNeel

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Thank YOU for helping us to give back to the Mildred Independent School District