About Us

2023 Annual Fundraiser

This year we are again raising funds for the MISD school district by hosting an event April 29th at the Cook Center.

Mildred Education Foundation will secure funding and award monies to provide supplemental resources that will enrich and enhance teaching and learning in the Mildred Area School District and help prepare students for their future, while supporting our educators along the way.
“Helping our children see a brighter future”.

Here are our Board of Directors for this year.

Robin Pritchett  – President

Leslie Hayes — Vice President

Carie Judson  – Secretary

Ashley Grigar  – Treasurer

Denise Page

Ellen Lewis

Michael Robinson

Laura Smith

Natalie Montfort

Tina Irvine

Past Board (2021-2022)

In partnership with the public and private sectors, the Mildred Education Foundation financially supports creative and innovative programs in the areas of academics, the arts, and extra-curricular activities that engage students and staff and that enrich and enhance the education offered by MISD. The Mildred Education Foundation also awards scholarship monies to students who pursue post-secondary education.